Sunday, August 26, 2007

Weight Watchers

Dieting really sucks. I'm always hungry, well mostly always hungry, and I can't go out and eat the thousand pounds of Chipotle that I really want to eat! The way w.w. works is that you get a certain amount of points and you eat within those points plus the extra ones you get each week. I do really well with my points. I didin't think I ate super bad in the first place but now I have a reason besides the usual "I'm fat." not to eat the burritos and bugers. The points system isn't that hard to follow. Once you get used to it you can do it in your head. I'm good with math so I can figure out the points for about anything if theres a nutritional chart thing. The only big problem I have with this diet and really any diet in general is the horrible headaches that come with it. I geneticly get migrains to begin with and the small amount of food I eat really makes those worse. Right now, I have a badddd headache. The kind that makes your eyes water and all fuzzy, not fun. And I'd really like to go get a big, juicy burger, but I can because I'm doing w.w. Ha.

Its also frustrating living with two people, my dad and my lil sister, that can eat anything they want. They never gain weight or try and eat healthy, especially my dad. There is always something in the pantry that I realllly want to eat, but can't. Then there is the bragging about how "I've stayed within 3 lbs for how many years...." which really pisses me off. But anyways, I recommend w.w. because I've actually lost weight, which is hard for me and you CAN eat, just not a lot. Haha

Saturday, August 25, 2007


Hey all. Today is going to be an awesome day. At 10:00 today, Static-X tickets go on sale, they are my favorite band!, and I lost two more pounds!! I stared weight watchers two weeks ago and that brings my total loss to 5 lbs!! Go me!

I love Static-X like I love oxygen. They are the best live performers I have ever seen, and I've seen them 4 times already. The lead singer, Wayne is so freakin hot when they perform. He has this strange, awesome voice that makes me like crazy!!! Anyways, check them out!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Scary Shit

There was a horrid storm today. I stopped home after school to change before work and as I got out of the car I told my boyfriend that in 10 minutes its going to rain, just out of no where. After I got dressed I looked out the front window and saw huge, HUGE, tree branches FLYING in the air. Immediately I screamed "THE DOGS ARE OUTSIDE!" and me and boyfriend ran to the back. We could not open the door because it was so windy. After a struggle the door was opened and the dogs got upstairs fine and boyfriend came down the stairs with my nephew. I was so freaked out at this point. I called my sister, mom, dad, work, grandparents, and my boyfriends family. I called Don but he didn't pick up (thats why we went and got D). There was garbage cans and boxes flying all through the ally and it was raining! I was FREAKED out.

To make it that must better, the weather channel was making that horid beep! beep! sound and saying "TAKE COVER NOW!", saying there was a tornado and when it was going to get here. I was pacing the house until it stopped. I was standing by the window at one point and boyfriend comes up to me and holds me up. I have bad anxiety and I was skaking so hard.

After it was over, which was about 10 minutes later, we went to get my little sister and drove around the town alittle bit. There were whole trees down across streets. It looked like aliens attacked the world, as my sis put it. Ha. I hope it never storms like that again around here or anywhere... Thats way to scary for me!

Last night apparently a house blew up, not too far from where I live and everyone but me heard this huge explosion. I was like wtf??? Why didn't I hear that but I heard my little dinky cell phone ringer go off two seconds later!!! Apparently there was a gas leek and the house just blew. I have no idea if anyone was hurt, hope not! How crazy is that?!

Monday, August 20, 2007

Pain in the ASS

I hate bitches. I really, really, fucking hate bitches. Those people that always have to say some bullshit when there is NOTHING to bitch about. Or the mother fuckers who always have to have the last word and don't even make sense while they are talking shit to you about who knows what. I want to get a personal bitch kicker. Just some little dude that I can take out of my pocket to kick bitches that piss me off. He's gonna have sharp, pointy boots so it stings!!! Then he'll just jump in my pocket and the bitch with the adittude problem wont know what hit em'!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Ann

Yesturday was the two year mark!! Dang dang. We really didn't do too much. In the morning we went to breakfast, came back to my house and watched a Haunting (thats our fav. show next to Everybody Loves Raymond!) and then just sat on the couch. His mom made the bomb ass burritos!!! I ate about half a burrito and wanted to explode... ugh. So after we could walk again, we played baseball, well catch with more running ha. We played for about an hour or so and Andrew was sweating BALLS! His light grey shirt was like black! Why do hispanic men sweat so much? My nephew whos like, 25 percent beaner sweats like crazy too! Ha. Anyways, we went to Bakers Square for desert. I had half of a half peice of carmel pecan deliciousness!! Now I really don't feel very well from all the food but what are you going to do... I still stayed in my points range. Wooo! (joined weight watchers Sat.)

Anyways, I'm going to go turn the ac up, well down I guess ha.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

My "L" Ride

Unlike Jenny, I draw weird, but nice people to me on the train. This morning I went downtown to a FocusScope thing. I was on the train, minding my own buisness and this ginormous man gets on the train, sits down, looks at me and says "Beautiful day isn't it?". I replied with, "Yea, it finally cooled off." Then he asks me how I am. I said I was fine thanks. After I replied he got up and sat across the train from me. I'm thinking, great, this m f is never going to leave me alone now. He started by introducing himself and asking my name. Seemed pleasant, at least he wasn't hitting on me! We actually had a converstaion. It wasn't quite normal but it was nice to meet someone that just wanted to talk to somebody. He asked me all these off the wall questions like how to do percentages and what I wanted to do with my life. I was alittle weirded out at first but he seemed nice enough. Out of no where he goes, "You know what you remind me of, a princess." I go.... "Never got that one before, ha." Then the big man tells me how nice of a person he thinks I am and that he was glad to have met and talked to me. He said I seemed very genuine and that he thought I was going to get far in the world. How nice is that! See Jen, you don't always meet crazy, angry people!! Of course now the next time I get on the train I'll probably get molested or something! Ha

Monday, August 13, 2007

Rush Hour 3

This movie was fucking hilarious. Piss-your-pants funny. I was in the theatre laughing so hard I couldn't breath. I hope that everyone goes to see this movie. I actually want to go see it again, ha.
This movie takes place in France, which is cool because they made fun of the french. I don't want to spoil the movie so I wont tell the funny parts, which was the whole thing!! Ha Just go see it!!!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

Trump and Rosie...

I must have missed something because I really don't know what their problem is. I know that Trump is always calling her a fat ass but thats about it. Anyways, I'd really like to know the story behind their beef.

Rush Hour 3 came out yesturday and the first two Rush Hours are my favorite movies!!! I'm going to see the third tonight and I'm hoping it will be just as funny. Maggie and I really enjoy those movies and we always play the parts. Maggie is always Chris Tucker, for obvious reseasons, ha, and I'm always Jackie Chan because I'm not black enough to be Tucker ha. We could probably go through the whole first two movies, line for line. I think they are piss-your-pants funny.

Another movie that I really want to see is the Bourne Ultimatum (sp). I heard it was really good, I just need to make the time to go see it! I liked the first two, they were really action packed with just enough blood. I'm not a big fan of blood, it actually makes me sick ha. But anyways, I'm going to have to catch up on the movies!! Let me know what's worth my time.

Thursday, August 9, 2007

The Gift

Tuesday I actually got myself to go to the mall and get my man a gift. I went to Spencers and Fredericks (sp). I bought him some fun, playful things from Spencers and something kinky from the underwear store!! I thought that maybe those thigh high and hip connector things might be kinda hot. Well I am not 5'8" with thin legs or small hips... I'm rather short with thick thighs and big old hips ha. I tried on that crap last night and it didn't look like the chick on the picture!! DAMN pictures!!!! Ha. But I can make it work... I hope. I think some liquid confidence might do me some good. ;)

Ill make sure to let you guys know how everything works out. I doubt there will be pictures, ha.

Monday, August 6, 2007

Not... hard to please?

So, my dad gets home from work tonight and is immidiately (as you all might have noticed, I cannot spell fantasticly, sorry!) bitching about everything. He's mad because we don't have the right type of spagetti noodles to eat with the chili that has too many beans and might be too spicy and the microwave isn't at the right temperature and everyones stupid because we don't need to read the instructions to put 30 seconds on the microwave!!!! Now he's throwing silverwear because we have no "real food" to eat in the house. Well, does he ever go grocery shopping? I think not. What does he ask for when my mom tells him that she's going to the store... cookies. Thats all. Of course when I offer to go out and pick him up something he's like no I'll just eat here even though he was just BICHING about there being nothing here!!!!!! And I even offered to go get the freakin noodles he wanted so he could eat here. Then we all have to hear about how he didn't eat anything all day and that he doesn't have time to wait for me to get him noodles or for me to pick something up for him. First off, its none of our faults that he didn't eat anything and secondly what the fuck does he have to do tonight that can't wait 10 minutes?!

Ahhh!! Then before he leaves to go to the bank, after all his blah blah bs he's like "Do you want to go somewhere to get something to eat?" AHHH NO!!! But of course, I'm the one that always makes everything better and sucks up my rage and goes out to eat with him. Because I'm a GOOD daughter!!!

Don't get me wrong, he can be super nice but make sure everythings his way and he gets what he wants. Bull shit not hard to please. Come on now.

2 years...

The 15th of August is me and my boyfriends 2 year anniversary and I have no idea what to do for him or what to get him. He's pretty difficult to shop for. I don't really want to buy him clothes because I get him that anyways. I'm thinking something more personal. I need some ideas!!!

Friday, August 3, 2007

oOo Baby Baby!!!

So I work at this place and there are lots of children there.... obviously. Some of them aren't so bad. Some of them, well lets just say, are special. ;) I was called over to a table by one of the teachers because she needed something printed for one of her students. As I was standing, leaning on the table, not bent over, just a lean, this little boy leans back in his chair... checks out my ass and goes (very loud) "oOo baby babay!". This phrase was uttered from a 5 year old. I've been hit on plenty of times before and I would have to say this was the most uncomfortable moment I have experianced. All of the students and teachers just stared at me and I turned bright red, as I always do when embarassed, and wiped my brow in a very nervous manner.

Then later in the hour, this same little prost-i-tot, casually bumped into an older girls rather large hooters. Soon after the boob bumping he was blowing kisses to another little place child.

Apparently the day before, when I wasn't working, he spanked a girl who was leaning over a table. Who is teaching this 5 year old prost-i-tot his moves? Does he have any brothers?... NO!!! Sisters?... Nope. I am assuming he watches way too much tv and especially too many music videos. I love being hit on by 5 year olds!!! Move over Micheal Jackson!!!! I got my OWN Jesus juice!!

Thursday, August 2, 2007

New Blogger! My Sister!

Since Emily didn't introduce herself...I will do it for her!

Emily is my beautiful little sister...I begged my parents for a little sister or brother...but as soon as my mom was pregnant...I was like, "Never mind!" I was 8 when Em or shithead, as I like to call her, was born. Then two years later mom and dad had yet another accident (you see all three of us were accidents...damn broken condoms)...Maggie or Maggot, as I like to call her, was born. Me and Maggie hit it off fairly well, we tortured poor sweet Emily non-stop! And then, Maggie got older, and became a super bitch (not really, I love her) and then the endless fighting between them was non-stop!

I was mean to Emily, I poured salt in her hair, kicked her down, burned her hand, chased her around the house with knives and candles, made her fish random things out of the toilet with the false promises of taking her to Disney Land (sucker)!

So, I need to say sorry Emily...I was an evil big sister...but I love you! And just to show how much I love you...I am posting this picture of you...the worst picture EVER!


Love your big sis,

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

My Sis... the Bitch

Just about, hm... lets see, 3 minutes ago, I had this conversation...

Mag: "Was Sleepy Hollow good?"
Me: "Yea, it was really good."
Mag: "What was it about?"
Me: "Well this headless horseman comes back from the grave and... (point where she cuts me off)
Mag: "What the fuck Emily?! You're such a fucking idiot. I didn't say tell me the whole fucking story! Way to ruin it for me, you fucking dumb bitch!!"
Me: (Stares at my ceiling)

Seriously, this is not exaggerated. If you are as confused as I am let me know.