Sunday, April 27, 2008

O retard

I was watching Obama on the news this morning and he sounds like the biggest sack of shit. First off he's stupid... he was talking about abortion laws and how he thinks that they need to have exceptions when the mother is in danger or for the mothers health... THERE ARE EXCEPTIONS! Fucking moron... Bush banned partial birth abortion which is the most horrible, gruesome thing in the world... WITH the exception of mothers health, even though there has NEVER, never ever, been a record of that procedure being used to save the life of a mother. If you know how partial birth abortions go, you would see how that is very obvious.

He also said some stupid crap about Bush's tax cuts and how they were bad, yet they raised revenue... Lol I'm sure Bush feels super dumb for doing that! Gosh Obama your so smart! Go ahead, raise the taxes and fuck up our economy more!

Yay for stupid people running the country.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Girls are bitches... and hoes

Last night, while I was babysitting, I get a text from Andrew and it says is someone spreading a rumor that you are pregnant...

Are you fucking kidding me!

Me: No why, who the hell told you that bullshit?

Andrew: BLEEP, yes I am bleeping out the name.

So I text this person, knew who it was going to be because shes always behind the bullshit, the only person who I've gotten into it with in like four fucking years... I said, so who'd you hear that bullshit from?

She waits a good while and calls me back with a story. Apparently one of her sisters friends thought that I looked fat... which I guess must mean I'm pregnant, hello, like duh... stupid asshole. haha. So the sisters friend called my friends sister, confusing yes, and said that I was pregant and my retarded friend was like omg! Really? Like come the fuck on... myspace does not hold the facts of life, shit half the time people use fake names! She told me that it was just because I was next to my 90 lb. sister in the pic and that anyone would look fat next to her, comforting right.

I'm pissed because she should have came to me in the first place instead of gossiping about that stupid shit at WORK! With my boyfriend who doesn't even like her... I fucking hate girls... who would start a rumor like that in the first place. Its just so insane how for every million shitty people, especially girls/bitches there are in the world, there are like 2 half way decent people. I know that I gossip so Im not trying to say I'm better, which I am anyways, but really now, thats low. Way to fucking bruise my ego you ugly whore bag!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Isn't prom supposed to be fun?

Well the group of friends that I should be going with to prom decided to be a bunch of pains in my ass!!! There are five of us... two don't want to go, one wont go unless the two that don't want to go go, and the other and me are like super going. Two of them don't want to go because they might not have dates... thats fucking stupid... one is very stubburn. And then to top it off, if they did go, they don't want to go out or do anything afterwards! UM HELLO!!! Its senior prom not senior citizen home dance! Its really annoying that they will not go and spend one of the lasts nights we will have to spend with all of us, together. Its senior prom, you go with your friends and you have a great time. Me and the friend who is going are going to give them an ultimatum because she got us a limo already and money is not an issue for anybody. If they can't decided by Friday for sure then they are shit out of luck and can sit on it.


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Been A While

Well sorry that its been so long. I have some fun stories to tell since Feb.

I just got back from a Kairos retreat thing with school and have been very busy. I had a good time, was slightly tramatized but I feel I've gained a lot from it. Its really hard to type because I sprained my finger playing catch so thats all I have for today!

I bought Sweeney Todd and its the best movie ever!!!!

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Its soo fucking cold outside!! And I don't know about everyone else, but I'm getting really sick of this shitty weather. Where the hell is global warming when you need it?! Its fucking ice cold and people are bitching about global warming... wouldn't it be slightly warmer if there was global warming?! I was forced to watch Al Gores movie on global warming and my favorite part about it was that he was driving around in a Lincoln town car! Those things have V8s!!! You know how much gas that cars going to be sucking up? A lot. Also, countries in Europe wouldn't allow students or schools to show the movie because so much of the information was inaccurate. I love the government. They would let any idiot with a mouth run shit.

On another topic, I went to the gym today and after I got off the tredmill my right finger on my left had was numb. Its still numb and its been an hour or so since I got off the tredmill. I have no idea why this happens and its only happened once before but it is quite annoying. It was the same finger before too! Hopefully I'm not going to have a heart attack or something!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Alone in the cold!

It is soooo cold outside! I was in the car on my way home from dinner with the fam and the inside of my window was covered with ice. The wind is the worst part. Its painful if you don't wear gloves or zip up your coat, really sucks. Sleeping alone in the cold is probably one of my least favorite things to do. First off, sleeping next to someone provides some heat! Not dirty heat, body heat, sicko! Haha. And its just nice to have someone next to you. I must be pmsing or something because I'm being the biggest sap in the world. Next week is going to suck super bad because Thursday is Valentine's day and its going to be my first one alone in over 4 years! Then the next day was going to be the two and a half year mark for me and the ex bf! And on top of that... My aunt flow will be in town Friday! Its like a bitch slap with a kick in the gut!

I am not a big fan of Valentine's day in the first place but now it just really sucks! Ha. I am off Friday, thank you senior ditch day and am going to go out with a couple friends. Thursday, I'm going to stay at the gym as long as I can so that I don't have to come home. My momma usually gets me a rose because she knows that I love the red ones and because I'm her favorite daughter. Yep Jen, I took the thrown away from you once again! Now you are too old to try and kill me though! Haha.

Well, I hope that everyone stays warm and has a nice week!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Since the weather got so shitty so fast, I didn't get to spend a lot of the time at the gym. I hate driving in terrible weather and tonights weather is very terrible. I could hardly see down the block I was driving on! I almost busted my shit too, on the slippery sidewalks!!

Anyways... I'm feeling very restless. I cleaned my room and feel like I need something to do. My mind is calm and thinking about pleasant thoughts but my body has lots of un-used energy. Its probably because I stayed home today and didn't get to work out at the gym. I'm used to going almost everyday now and it does make me feel better in general. I feel like I have more engery and my body doesn't get as worn out or tired as it used to. I'm definately not losing weight but I'll take being and feeling healthy over being thin for now. Its amazing what excercize can do for a person. The only bad thing about it for me is the knee pain... Stupid knee. I hurt it freshman year learning how to slide in softball and its never been the same. It was entirely my fault too. We were practicing in the gym and I had missed practice the day before because I had gotten sick at school and that was the day we learned how to slide. So the next day, everyones practicing, its my turn, running past first... past second... rounding third, go down for the slide into home and then this awful skreeching sound, my bare knee/shit on the rubbery gym floor! Ouch! Well I didn't get very far because my knee cap caught the ground, since it was rubber against my skin, and it stopped and my body continued and I flew over myself. To top it off, my coach, who I told I was alergic to neosporin, puts a huge glob of it on. I saw the texture and color of it and asked her what it was, just in case, and she goes "Neo-SHIT" and grabs the peroxide and dumps that on top of it. That shit BURNS!

Theres my stupid knee issue story. Had no idea I was going to share this with everyone but hey, its pretty funny!