Sunday, September 23, 2007

Booty Dancing

I went to the homecomming with my friend and it was fun. I did a lot of booty shaking and taught some kid how to slow dance... theres no hope for him by the way! I also saw a lot more booty than I would have preferred to see. Okay, I know its a dance, and you want to look smokin, but seriously... does everyone have to see your skanky, std infected ass?! There were some of the skankiest, nastiest hoes I have seen. First off, they weren't even old enough to be a slut. Second, thats just nasty. There was this girl wearing a black dress (looked like a babytee) that was shorter than most of my teeshirts. No, I'm NOT exaggerating. She was pullin it up when she was dancing too! COME ON now girl, get some class.

There were also a few sets of girls that dressed up like twins I guess. The first set was two nasty, really nasty, white trash lookin skanks, wearing TINY plaid skirts and TINYer white tanks. Gross... The other group was wearing Halloween costumes. One was a cop, with STD's and the other was a nurse, who gave people STD's soley through eye contact. Along with the cop and nurse was this skank who looked like she just woke up in a grave. Imagine the nastiest halloween movie... she looked like she'd be in it!!!

I was seriously disgusted by how gross these girls were dressing. I don't understand what is happening to the young population. Even young, middle school girls are dressing like they are trying out for Playboy. And no, this doesn't bother me because I'm a fat, pipple faced nerd who wouldn't look hot coverd by a paper bag, I could be a skank, but I won't lower myself to that level. It was just nasty... I felt dirty bein in the same room as them! blah!!!!!

Monday, September 17, 2007


Next weekend is homecomming and one of my best friends highschools. Her boyfriend cannot go with her so I will be taking his place as her date! I just bought my dress and its really cute, well I think it is! Its black with a white bow thing, I think ha. Also next weekend, on Saturday, you can have me wash your car if you bring it to my school in the morning! My little sister doesn't have prom or homecomming at her school so I have decided to take her to my homecomming as my date. We are going to work on a few of our moves and bust the shit outa anyone who tries to have a dance war with us!! Grrr!!

I hope that they are both lots of fun and if you are wondering, my man will not be going because he doesn't like those things. I'll take pics and have Jen show me how to put them up!

Thursday, September 13, 2007

In Need of Advice

First off, sorry I havn't had much time to blog in a while!! I'll try and make more time.

Alright, so you all know that I joined Weight Watchers and the first week went alright I guess. Well now it seems that no more weight will come off. Honestly, I work out and eat well. I don't sit on my ass all day and if I am watching tv I try and do sit ups or something on commercials. I'm so frustrated that I just want to give up. I don't see the point in eating shitty tasting food and working out all the time for no results. No muscle is not the reason my weight wont go down because the fat is STILL there!!!! I wouldn't care if the fat was going away but its still there!!

Its really hard to find a good place for support because when ever I try and talk to anyone about it they just tell me I don't need to lose weight, which really pisses me off. I know that by looking at me I'm not really overweight and I don't need to lose weight for any medical purpose. The reason I need to lose weight is because I'm so uncomfortable in my body. Its impossible for me to be fully happy with anything when I cannot be happy with myself in the first place. So please never tell me I don't need to lose weight, it makes me physco!! Ha.

Also, since I don't live on my own, I don't pick out the groceries. Living with two people that can eat what ever they want doesn't help either. My mom is pretty good with the picking out healthier stuff but theres still all the crap here and always way less of the healthy food. I really, seriously, have been eating really good.

At this point I don't know how to get the fat/lbs to come off. If anyone has suggestions please let me know, it will be greatly appriciated. :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2007


I woke up, lets say about 5 this morning with a horrendous migrain. It felt like someone dropped the pointy side of a brick on my head, so today I stayed home. We didn't have any excedrin so I had to take motrin which is bad for an empty stomach. I'm looking forward to a fun filled day of napping and studying for a big test I missed today. :(