Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Since the weather got so shitty so fast, I didn't get to spend a lot of the time at the gym. I hate driving in terrible weather and tonights weather is very terrible. I could hardly see down the block I was driving on! I almost busted my shit too, on the slippery sidewalks!!

Anyways... I'm feeling very restless. I cleaned my room and feel like I need something to do. My mind is calm and thinking about pleasant thoughts but my body has lots of un-used energy. Its probably because I stayed home today and didn't get to work out at the gym. I'm used to going almost everyday now and it does make me feel better in general. I feel like I have more engery and my body doesn't get as worn out or tired as it used to. I'm definately not losing weight but I'll take being and feeling healthy over being thin for now. Its amazing what excercize can do for a person. The only bad thing about it for me is the knee pain... Stupid knee. I hurt it freshman year learning how to slide in softball and its never been the same. It was entirely my fault too. We were practicing in the gym and I had missed practice the day before because I had gotten sick at school and that was the day we learned how to slide. So the next day, everyones practicing, its my turn, running past first... past second... rounding third, go down for the slide into home and then this awful skreeching sound, my bare knee/shit on the rubbery gym floor! Ouch! Well I didn't get very far because my knee cap caught the ground, since it was rubber against my skin, and it stopped and my body continued and I flew over myself. To top it off, my coach, who I told I was alergic to neosporin, puts a huge glob of it on. I saw the texture and color of it and asked her what it was, just in case, and she goes "Neo-SHIT" and grabs the peroxide and dumps that on top of it. That shit BURNS!

Theres my stupid knee issue story. Had no idea I was going to share this with everyone but hey, its pretty funny!

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